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Vino Pop Wine Opener

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Because Opening Wine Should Be Easy!
  • No broken corks or bits of cork in your wine
  • No more tugging & struggling!
  • Uses Air Rise Technology

  • ★ The new air pump wine opener is a simple, easy and fast way to open up a bottle of wine without the hassle of pulling and twisting, simply slid the needle in, pump a few times and the cork is out. Eliminates cork damage.
  • ★ The most efficient and convenient way to open a wine bottle. No pulling, twisting, or broken cork pieces. Compatible with all types and sizes of wine bottles. there are no fumes, and no gas is needed for the Air Pressure pump to work properly.
  • ★ Great for bar, cafe, restaurant or home use. smooth finish makes it very easy to clean. Excellent gift idea for wine lovers.