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Rocket Copters ( 9 piece )

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Super bright, lights up the night helicopters
  • High impact, shock proof frame
  • High intensity LED lights can been up to half a mile away
  • Launches up to 180 feet

Product description

Fun new Toy that's got a million and one different uses! 
Throw farther than a paper airplane, faster than a frisbee! 
Easy to assemble, just fold the wings, tie the rubber bands, turn on the LED and you're set! 
When you shoot it into the air the wings open and it spins slowly downwards like a helicopter. 
It looks great at night, as the wings on this LED toy glow and mesmerize. 
The distance is amazing as it shoots upwards of 180 feet with just a pair of rubber bands and your arms!

9-piece set includes 6 copters and 3 launchers. Batteries included. 11" x 0.5" x 6".