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Chef Basket - The Ulitmate Frying Basket

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If there's anything that can significantly save you from spending too much time and exerting too much effort in the kitchen, it's the Chef Basket. It's like getting a tireless kitchen assistant in just about any imaginable task there is! 

Chef Basket

With the Chef Basket, a lot of kitchen tasks become a no-brainer! This all-around tool lets you directly serve food from the pot to the plate without worrying about getting burnt.

Preparing meals can be quicker and easier too! Use the Chef Basket for washing and rinsing fruits and vegetables, and you'd never serve food the same way again! 

Since it remains flat when folded, you can easily store the Chef Basket in your drawers and it would hardly take up any space. Be sure to get your own Chef Basket today while supplies last! 

  • All-around use. Ideal for boiling, frying, cooking, steaming and scalding. Can be used for serving foodwashing, and rinsing too! 
  • Insulated handles that prevent burns! 
  • Easy storage. Stays flat when folded.
  • Time-saving
  • Your order includes: 1 x Chef Basket