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Download PortraitAI App - Portrait Avatar Generator

PortraitAI is a computer-controlled AI Face Photo Editor that resizes your photo and replaces it with a personalized portraited avatar. Portrait AI is a fantastic avatar generator that adds a layer of obscurity and refinement to your online identity. To portray your face in faux oil, watercolor, or ink, the app employs an algorithm trained on 45,000 classical portraits. Their library of the collection has a large range of styles, ranging from Rembrandt to Titian to van Gogh, with each input creating a distinct portrait.

By assessing the features and the backdrop, PortraitsAI chooses the appropriate style for the portrait. This results in true one-of-a-kind and artistic 4K portraits in the style of the Old Masters.

The PortraitsAI app will undoubtedly help you in achieving the looks seen in 15th-century classical portraits.

All of this is possible because of its incredible filters:
• Classic Portrait – gives you the looks just like seen in the 15th century.
• Renaissance- makes your photo looks like on the historical and classical paintings.
• Child- give your photo the glow of just like the skin of the child.
• Old – turn your baby photo into an old woman or man.
• Chubby- makes you look fat or chubby
• Bronze statue- transform your photo into a bronze statue as what you have seen on the streets
• Zombie- scared your friends online by creating zombie looks with your photos.
• Cubism- gives you the looks just like seen in the 20th-century style and art.
• Elon Musk, Donald Trump- transform into famous people.
• Baldy- Makes fun with your photo and makes it look like a bald person.
• Amusement, Surprised, Angry, Curious, upset, happy- turn your face in any emotion of your choice
• Joker- achieve the looks of a Joker
• Hulk- turn your photos into your favorite superhero character just like The Hulk
• Studio photo- a simple photo of you that looks like a pro
• Borat- turn into any fictional character
• Beard- add some beard, hair, or mustache in your photo.
• Paint- achieve a paint look photo
• Indian, African, Asian - imitate the appearances of foreigners
• Boy, Girl, Woman, Man- turn you into another gender
• Blue eyes- change the eyes color of your choice.
• Hitman- turn your photo to any villain character
• Light portrait- make a simple edit in your photo

How to use the Portrait AI app: Here's a quick tutorial on how to use the Portrait AI app to get those 15th-century looks.

• Go to the Play Store and search the Portrait AI app
• Download and install it on your device
• Open and launch the app
• Click the Get Started button
• Take a picture or choose from your photo gallery
• Upload a photo
• Choose from the different filters
• Apply it to your photo
• Make some adjustments
• And then replace it with your choice of portrait styles
• When you are satisfied with the results, you can save them to your phone and share them with any of your preferred social media platforms.

Download the app now and enjoy.

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