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Background Eraser App Free Download

The Background Remover and Eraser are one of the best photo editors that helps you remove undesirable items or objects in your photo. It is a powerful photo editor that includes 3-dimensional wallpapers, a search tool, and incredible filters and customizations.

This app is used to intelligently edit photos to make photo backgrounds clear. Use the Background Eraser application to instantly remove undesirable items from photos. Fully automated Background Remover is a fantastic app that comes with a variety of photo backgrounds to help you make your photos look more unique. Removing backdrops by hand is quite difficult, so download this app to quickly change regular photographs into creative types.

Here is a list of its features, filters, and effects that will make it simple to make changes to your photo. Let's have a look at everything and see what it has to offer in terms of helping you in achieving a shot that appears to have been professionally created.


• Make pictures background transparent;
• Make stamps of the photo;
• Automatic cutting so easy;
• PNG sticker maker;
• Erase backgrounds in 1 click;
• Automatic background cutter: Get PNG and transparent stickers;
• You can do any editing in pictures by autofocus on you;
• Crop pictures to any size;
• Resize images for any social platform;
• Apply beautiful effects and filters to polish your pictures;
• Creative Overlays available to give lightning effects;
• Adjust brightness, contrast, warmth, and saturation, etc.;
• Massive fun stickers;
• Exposure, Contrast, Highlights, Shadows, Light, Saturation, Temperature, Tint;
• Crop, rotate, vertical and horizon;
• Adjust colorfulness, Sharpen, Grain, Denoise, Blacks, Whites, Ambience, Haze, Vignette, etc.;
• Fit and border your photos for the social platform;
• Creative Stickers;
• Create your text with different fonts, styles, quotes, etc.;


With advanced photo editing and enhancing tools, this is the fastest and best way to merge two photos.

Has a variety of funny and stunning stickers collection available that you can apply for your photo.

Now you can fit your photos and resize them for any social media platform.

There are over 100 picture borders to choose from to frame your photos.

There are over ten different styles to choose from to insert important content into your photographs. To place the ideal message on a picture, simply select font, color, layout, and border.

-Simply upgrade your subscription and you will be able to take advantage of these new benefits.

•Unlock all-new Background Creatives.
•AD-FREE Experience.
•You can access all editing filters, effects, and stickers.
•Get to use and access all-new features.
•Get the automatic background remover feature.

The Background Eraser app, on the other hand, has a lot of features in its free plan. You may still use the app for free to edit your photos, remove unwanted backgrounds, and create lovely images.

To get all editing options, download Background eraser - Photo removal. Remove the background and replace it with your desired background or location to create those photos that appear to be taken somewhere else.

Download Background Eraser for Android