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PicShow Photo Editor - Background Eraser & Cut out

PicShow is a photo editor is a basic and useful cut-and-paste photo editor. It may be used to cut out photos and modify the background. It offers a free picture effect, neon filters, blend, mix, and trendy drip effects.  And also, it uses an artificial intelligence cut-out background adjuster that you can apply to your photo and make it look stunning.

With its eraser and cutout picture editor features, it's simple to adjust the background of your photo. Cutting and removing unwanted background from your photo is as simple as a single tap with the help of its extra editing features. In addition to switching the background of your photo, the PicShow editor app offers a variety of templates, designs, and layouts to choose from.

If you're looking for a photo editor that can give you a handy tool that allows you to have the background you've always wanted to exhibit in your photos, look no further. Why not give this simple and great tool a shot at designing your photo with those amazing backgrounds you've always wanted?


Let's have a look at a couple of its great features first, and learn about all the possibilities you may make with the PicShow app:

Automatically cut out the picture and with just one click you can change the background.

Pic Show - cutout photo editor and background eraser are an automatic cutout and paste-Photo layer background change that uses Artificial intelligence to smartly recognize your photos, delete the background, cut out the photo, support manual erasing, simply select and erase the object to be deleted correctly, and the cut-out photo can be placed in the background Photo templates, cut and paste, one-click replacement, so simple.

Fashion background

Pic Show photo editor and cutout photo editor and background eraser will provide a variety of stylish template backgrounds.  Simply choose the style and theme from their library of collections and then tap it to add to your photo.  Here are some of its themes that you may choose from; Neon effect and blend effect and wave /magic and spiral effect background for your photo. And all of those themes will help you create beautiful pictures.

Easy to use

Pic Show - cutout photo editor and background eraser are simple and easy to use. It is a basic editor app that with just only the simple tap of your finger on your device, you can easily remove or erase the background on your photo.  And change it into something that you wanted to see in your photo. Thus, if you want to try it, just select photos from the photo library then cut photos, cut out the photos you want, select the background and paste the image.

This is the PicShow picture editor app, which we want to use because of its great function that allows us to choose the ideal background for our photo. It's time to start downloading. Use your imagination to create a background for your photo that transforms it into a gorgeous work of art.